Ms. Lotus Ming

Asian Dominatrix Los Angeles, California


So about nine months ago I decided to get back into some bondage and discipline after about a ten year break.  
The main reason for my absence was that I just couldn't find a good dominatrix.  I have always preferred a harder, 
more intense session, but a lot of dominatrices are just not into that, as it takes a little bit more effort on their part.  
I also had some bad experiences.  When I decided to have another try at a bondage session, I email several dominatrices 
and after getting back several replies, I had decided to see a dominatrix up in Hollywood.  
At the last moment I saw Mistress Lotus Ming's ad and decided to send an email off to her as well.  As soon as she replied, 
I had a good vibe and after talking to her on the phone, I changed my plans and scheduled an appointment with her.
 Boy did I make the right decision.  As I mentioned I wanted a hard session and she delivered.  
She has a great little studio in a nice neighborhood.  Anyway, her attitude is great, she totally gets the whole 
Bondage and discipline thing and she obviously likes to play hard.  She called it "Target Practice" but the end result was that 
my butt and back were black and blue for two weeks. Which was just what I was looking for.   I also have a thing for breath play.  
She totally indulged me and had me begging for air. Oh did I mention she also has a rocking body and her attitude during 
our sessions has been totally great.  Ms. Ming is just really genuine.  
P.S. don't tell her this, but I have a total crush on her, which makes our sessions just that more intense.  
I am afraid if she knew I had a crush on her she might hit me harder and believe me she hits pretty hard as it is.

C.Target Practice
Los Angeles, CA

( Thank you letter for Ms. Mona Rogers of N.Y. and I )
Thank you Mistress Lotus for kidnapping me from the  station, zip tying my hands and putting a hood over my face, 
not knowing where we were going made the car ride very intense. Once we arrived I was lead out of your car by the 
arm and locking me in your cage with no possible escape really made me feel as I was your slave. Being locked in 
your cage for twelve hours made me never want to leave and always serve you. My adrenaline was pumping the whole time, 
that I was your captive. Being under your control knowing I was going to be tortured but not knowing when. 
Then Ms Mona showed up and my heart started racing that’s when I knew the torture would be starting soon. 
I was lead upstairs to begin my torture ºMs Mona did a wonderful job whipping me to where I couldn’t take any more pain. 
Mistress Lotus while you were torturing me and sitting on my face with the tight shorts you were wearing and 
your perfect shape cutting my air, your cane hurt so badly but I didn’t want it to stop I would have endured anything 
to not have you get up from sitting on my face. However, the knowledge that I was completely helpless, unable to move, 
and totally in your power for as long as you liked, was joy unspeakable. When you put pantyhose on me and started CBT 
I knew that I was yours I would have done anything you commanded me to do at that point, I am glad you didn’t make me 
ride the train back in then. Mistress Lotus please give me the opportunity to be your slave and serve you once more.

Thank you.
Los Angeles

Mistress Lotus Ming is everything I'd dreamed of finding in a Domme. From the moment she opened the door for our first session, 
I knew that I was in the presence of a true Goddess. Though her pleasant tone and calm demeanor can be deceptively soothing, 
I soon found myself kneeling naked at her feet and under her complete control.  After being securely ballgagged, 
my head was wrapped in multiple layers of tight cling-wrap, which Mistress Lotus Ming smoothed against my face and head with 
her hands so that I was completely sealed inside. Only my nostrils were left partially exposed so that I could breathe. 
Then a thick collar was placed around my neck before I was immobilized onto her bondage table with yard after yard of rope. 
Once I was anchored down, Mistress straddled my face and smothered me with her perfect derriere as she applied electro 
torture to my cock and balls. My cries of pain, already muted by the gag and mummification, were completely lost beneath her, 
muffled to near silence by her smooth, round ass cheeks.

Afterward, I was set free briefly only to be quickly locked inside a "doggie" hood (complete with built in gag). 
My cock was placed in tight chastity and both hands wedged into bondage mitts and transformed into paws. 
Now that I was officially her "pet", Mistress Lotus Ming made me crawl into her iron cage where she tied me with legs spread 
wide so that I was completely exposed for her amusement. Locking the cage door, she sat back and rested on her couch while 
she observed her helpless "puppy", hooded, gagged, neutered and patiently awaiting his Mistress' praise or punishment. 
It was domination like none I've ever experienced before and I will always gratefully kneel before Mistress Lotus Ming 
as her humble and honored slave.

Rope Butt Boy
Los Angeles, CA


I always look forward to seeing Mistress Lotus Ming. I have seen her numerous times in the past and always continue to 
enjoy her twisted and sick methods of pain and pleasure. She has a new location. Parking is difficult so be ready to do some walking. 
I have long stopped making requests: I just leave it in her hands. Be ready because Mistress Lotus is way into bondage. 
Expect to get tied up in one way or another and there is no escaping it. She tied a 5lb weight to my balls and and then 
changed her mind and switched with a 10lb weight. She bound me to the X Cross and started by using a variety of implements 
from crops to whips on my ass. It was painful and she was having more fun than me!! She would switch between my ass and my hamstring. 

My begging for mercy and making too much noise, prompted her to ball gag me. Not a fan of it but my whimpers were too loud and annoying to her.  My ass and hamstrings had blistered and welts had become to form. I was still tied to the x cross and she now blind folded me and told me she will return.Within a few minutes she returned and I felt a huge surge of heat around my balls. I did not know what it 
was but it felt like she was blow torching my nuts. She had stuck a torch to my nuts!!! I was not expecting this and the scene looked 
like something out of that 'Hostel' movie.  Mistress Lotus untied me and decided to have some of her own fun by kicking me square in the nuts and stomping on me. She openly prefers to punch rather than kick but she was in no way gentile and I had to plead for time out. This followed in some foot worship before she parked my head and hands in what seemed like a Medieval Stock. She complained that her latex outfit was making her too hot and decided to change into something more comfortable. The was the highlight as she smothered her sweaty latex outfit all over my face upon removing it. It was sweaty and salty and I actually enjoyed experiencing her aroma.

The decor is at her new place is very tastefully done and and at times feels like a 5 star hotel with the clean fresh towels. 
I do not see myself going anywhere any more. Mistress Lotus Ming is a hygiene freak and whilst we had ended the session she was sanitizing her equipment.
Great Experience!

Los Angeles, CA

There's a plush and comfortable room somewhere in that part of my mind where my memories are kept, and in that room, 
there's a highlight reel of images drawn from my initial session with Mistress Lotus Ming that i keep running on a 
giant flatscreen television set on a continuous loop. i like to hang out in that room often, watching those images 
with clockwork regularity and undiminished pleasure... :)
a great deal of what informs a given session is intensely personal, and what rocks my world might not do much for the next person, 
and vice versa, so reviews of this nature aren't always the easiest things to write. 
so what elements from my session actually would transfer to others...?
well, for one thing, Mistress Lotus Herself! it was such a pleasure to make initial contact with Her, 
to communicate the essentials of my fetish/submissive self to Her, and then to arrange to meet. 
Mistress Lotus is extremely easy to talk to, She's a great communicator, She's very open and enthusiastic about D/s play, 
and She genuinely loves what She does. She was quite straightforward with me in explaining where She sensed compatibility with me, 
and once a session did seem like a mutually appealing prospect, She was equally adept at handling the logistics (scheduling, giving directions, etc.).
and once the day arrived, and i made my way to Her, was She ever a Vision to behold!! Mistress Lotus is very petite, 
but She still bears this sort of sultry power and supreme confidence in Her Dominant Magnetism that was pretty spellbinding! 
She has gorgeous, long, dark Hair, a lovely Face, and the way She looked overall in the provocative but still tasteful outfit 
She wore (leather miniskirt, stockings, pretty blouse, and sky-high stiletto heels) made speaking in coherent sentences a bit of an effort for me!
Her play space is also deserving of huge praise. it's intelligently arranged, utterly immaculate, and very well equipped – 
i'm not the type of submissive who requires tons of gear and equipment, but if i were that type, i'm sure i still would have been satisfied. 
Mistress Lotus can offer various “bondage stations” if that's part of your kink – i was treated to the st. andrew's cross and 
the stocks rather memorably, as well as being tied up on the ground – and She has no shortage of implements for discipline.
something else to convey: speaking of discipline, i'm not a hardcore masochist, and Mistress Lotus, knowing this, 
displayed incredible talent for bringing me right to the threshold where pain would have eclipsed arousal for me, 
but then subsiding momentarily so as not to send me across that threshold. She was very sensitive, and read me very, very well. 
and She wore the most beautiful smile all the while She was administering discipline, too!! i think it's fair to say that She seems 
to truly adore both bondage and corporal punishment, but She was also excellent about keeping my own unique wiring in mind so as to 
maximize my enjoyment of the session (She told me after the session that She'd kept a tight rein on Her disciplinary urges with me, 
as She'd really wanted to paddle me harder and longer, but She remained merciful, knowing i would have found Her preferred levels to be a bit much!). 
also, i'm a big fan of kinky role play, and Mistress Lotus accommodated my desires in that realm with spectacular willingness and energy – 
that's one of the primary things i love revisiting in my memories with Her!
and i look forward to adding new imagery to that mental highlight reel soon, too – it's a rare thing to encounter 
a Dominant Beauty who's all at once so very genuine, intelligent, experienced, compassionate, friendly, sexy, and skilled!! 
...and now i think i need to wander back to that plush and comfortable room with that giant flat screen television for more reminiscing...

Los Angeles, CA

I’ve always fantasized about CBT and ball busting and took a lot of time to seek out a novice-friendly Mistress to share my first experience with. I am very glad to have chosen Mistress Lotus Ming. I was understandably very nervous before the session but she was able to instantly 
make me feel comfortable. She was pleasant, fun, and very personable. Mistress Lotus Ming is also meticulously clean and hygienic. 
She listened intently to my interests and fetishes and created a playful and fun session revolved around CBT. 
Don’t let her stature fool you since she has a powerful kick, a vicious punch, and can expertly use a cane and crop. 
You can definitely tell she enjoys ball busting very much. Every moment of my session was wonderful and special. 
I felt like I was in a fantasy world with her. She pushed and tested my boundaries and guided me in safe, professional, 
and responsible manner. She spent time educating me on safe play, making sure I know how to protect myself while playing with others. 
Mistress Lotus Ming has opened my eyes to a whole new world and I cannot wait to see her again.

Los Angeles, CA