Mistress, what are some of your interests?
READ My “Introduction” page carefully.

I am new to this, can I trust you?
I welcome novices. I strongly enforce safe play and hard limits will be regarded. You will appreciate this.

What types of device/equippment do you use?
Extremely Clean and Well equipped: custom bondage table and chair, deluxe cage, St. Andrew's cross, kneeling stockade, c.b.t. table great for trampling, variety of implements from impact - electro play. 

Do you accept wardrobe requests?  
Yes, from  heels/boots, office attire, leather/latex, or girl next door look. My "Gallery" page should give you an idea. 

My fetish does not include receiving pain, is that all right?
Yes, it's about having a positive session whether it be a playful fetish scenario or time for corporal punishment. Don't hesitate to share your sincere interest.

A note for My traditional pain sluts..  
Heavy impact sessions using: canes, whips, paddles..etc -Of course there will be bruising and welts. For how many days depends on your skin and body type. I take pleasure in heavy play but, not to the extent of drawing blood *UNLESS.. you bring your implements.

May I have a light-medium session w/out bruises or marks?      
Yes, that is possible.

Do you allow late night sessions?
I prefer My sessions during the day.  Over night caged sessions are an exception.
I am a well rounded person enjoying the best of both worlds. 
I seek slaves with genuine interest. Other inquiries maybe sent to My e-mail or you may call.

Ms. Lotus Ming

Asian Dominatrix Los Angeles, California