Ms. Lotus Ming

Asian Dominatrix Los Angeles, California

  I appear as sweet as a Siamese kitten who enjoys using her precisely sharpened claws to pull your hair and to torture your most vulnerable parts. 
I am like a cat and you are like a bird trapped inside My private studio. Envision a Dominant Asian Mistress teasing a roped, caged helpless concubine.

Perhaps if I so desire, My sissy boy be dressed up and commanded to perform a song and dance ensemble, solely for My amusement! 
Or if I should discover I have a little pain slut on my hands, I like to use him as target practice for My bullwhip.

After a long meditation in My Zen garden, I enjoy releasing energy by administering  corporal punishment, caning or paddling. As an Asian Goddess, 
I am obligated to bestow pain upon My servants and slave boys who may be worthy enough to accept the task.​

  I love dressing My domestic animals in training hoods of all sorts: dog, horse or pig.  I will make you a personal pet in My exotic collection! However, because I am half Chinese and very traditional, sometimes I just want to lynch you into a good old fashioned black leather hood over your head simply because it compliments your pale face. 

A samurai of the tongue, I am skilled at verbal discipline and will always remind you of your place: kneeling at My pristine feet. 
That will never be a question since there is nothing that impresses Me more than being worshipped by a true feet/heel/boot fetishist!

  I am both Professional and Lifestyle Asian Domme.  My “ Public " sessions began at one of L.A.’s Dungeons and, since then, I regularly let My spontaneous itch out to play.

Never forget at anytime that you are My toy. Boys always hold entertainment value for Me. I adore the arts of CBT: slapping balls, 
various ties, tug of war with ropes, punching and kicking. I also love using electro torture on the cock and balls because it reminds 
Me of frying water chestnuts in My wok at home. I welcome those who understand their place and appropriately honor their potential Mistress Lotus Ming.